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$100 Level:  Your Name (or family name) listed on shirt (includes 1 shirt)

$300 Level:  Small Business Logo on shirt & banner, plus 1 entry to fish (includes 1 shirt)

$500 Level:  Medium Businiess Logo on shirt & banner, plus 2 entries to fish (includes 2 shirts)

$1000 Level:  Large Business Logo on shirt & banner, plus 4 entries to fish

(includes 4 shirts)

$2000 Level:  Large Business Logo on shirt, weigh in table, & banner, plus 4 entries to fish
(includes 4 shirts)

$3500 Level:  Premier XL Business Logo on shirt, weigh in table, & banner, plus 4 entries to fish (includes 4 shirts)

2023 Reels shirt.png
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